The Beginner’s Guide: Traveling To Havana Cuba


Are you traveling to Cuba, but you don’t know where to start? Are you not even interested in doing the research? You just want the details and facts in one place. The Beginner’s Guide: Traveling To Havana, Cuba includes 50-pages of details that tells you everything you need to know about traveling to Havana, Cuba. Read the description below for further details.

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The ebook contains detailed information on:

  • How to book your flight  + get your visa
  • How to secure your housing and where you should stay
  • Places you should visit in Havana and outside of Havana
  • Restaurants to dine
  • Turn up spots and places to have a great time

How can this guide help with my planning?

I. Getting To Cuba

Did you know you can’t go to Cuba on a visa as a “tourist?”? No more second guessing “what reason for travel” you should select. The e-book explains exactly which ones you can choose. Also, included are airline specific details on how to get your visa. For example, JetBlue provides you with a visa the day of your travel while the others ask you to get it on your own through the Cuban Embassy or a third party company.


Going to Cuba is not your regular Caribbean travel destination. There are certain things you should do before, during, and after your trip to enhance your experience. Psstt…you should know that bringing your own toilet paper is a must. Let’s also not forget the different taxi options that can be confusing at times. It’s all in the book with the price ranges attached.

III. Places to Visit + Eat

If you’re not really interested in figuring out what places you should visit or eat, I’ve got you covered. It’s easier to have a list of places with addresses and phone numbers available to you. All of the top restaurants and historical places to visit in Havana are listed. Less work for you.


If you’re going to Cuba for more than 5-days you absolutely have to take a trip outside of Havana. There is so much beauty ranging from the cobblestone streets of Trinidad to the deep valleys and caves of Viñales.

V. Bonus Worksheets

Failing to plan is planning to fail, which is why I’ve added bonus worksheets to help you plan and budget accordingly. If you have an idea of places you want to go, you can plug it into the worksheet and take with you to Cuba. So simple right?