Felicia Blaise is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) & Travel Strategist dedicated to helping millennials change the way they think about money. She is passionate about personal finance and traveling the world and views both as the key to “rich” and successful life.

Like most millennials, she wasn’t aware of the importance of money management until she found herself in an undesirable situation. As a new graduate living on her own in 2013, she was juggling her living expenses, settling into a new city and managing student loan payments all at once;  a major challenge. She was living paycheck to paycheck racking up credit card debt until she realized something had to change. It was through this difficult time she taught herself how to effectively manage her money while creating a habit of saving money for a rainy day.

Through creating her own money management system, Felicia was able to pay off $7,000 off credit card debt in 7 months, save up a financial cushion and put money towards the thing she loves the most: traveling.

She believes traveling is great for personal development as it challenges your beliefs, changes your perspective, and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Throughout her travel experiences from China to Costa Rica to Cuba and more, she has created lifelong friendships and memories. Her travel hacking skills coupled her effective money management system has allowed her to travel 7 times a year even while living in New York City (#2 Most Expensive City in the US).

Felicia’s goal is to provide millennials with the information they need to manage their money, build a healthy saving account, while still traveling the world. FeliciaBlaise.com offers a way for young adults to achieve all of the above.


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